Double Leather Bracelet Size Guide

Follow the leather bracelet guide and find out which size is your perfect match.

The Double Leather Bracelet is available in three sizes and are wrapped twice around your wrist giving a stacked look. 
To find the correct bracelet size, you must measure the broadest circumference of your wrist. 

Please note: The listed lengths indicate the total length of the bracelet with a lock attached, so the leather bracelet itself is 2 cm shorter than indicated. If, for example, you require a 19 cm bracelet, choose ‘41 cm’.  
We will send you a 39 cm leather cord and when you add a lock your bracelet will be the perfect size.  

If you buy a ready-to-wear bracelet the lock will of course be included.  




Fit tips: 
The size depends on how tight you want the bracelet, and how many beads you intend to put on. 
The bracelet comes in a generous length that will wrap comfortably around your wrist twice. Cut off the excess leather with a scissor.  

Beads and double-ended locks, which enable you to change the beads on your bracelet without tools, are sold separately. Some locks are not suitable on leather bracelet – please find the information on the lock.  
It is not possible to use a spacer on a leather bracelet. 

Gift Tip:  
36cm (14.2") and 41cm (16.1”) fits most. 


About Double Leather Bracelets:  
The Double Leather bracelet is a light, more casual jewellery piece to wear with your favourite Trollbeads. It is available in over 10 colours.