Welcome to the magical world of Trollbeads...

... an extraordinary universe of shapes, colours, creativity and play. Everything you need to tell your story. Trollbeads is not just a jewellery brand - it’s a unique lifestyle.

Trollbeads invented the world’s first and finest bead-on-bracelet concept which allows women and men to customise their jewellery to fit their taste, personality, memories, and stories. Every piece of jewellery created can be taken apart and repeatedly reinvented with a completely different look, by using new combinations. It’s creative. It’s playful. It’s unique. It’s you.

Every story has a bead... so, start your story today!

Time to Fly Bracelet

Limited-Edition Bracelet

The beads and clasp are only available with this bracelet.

Start your Trollbeads journey with an assembled bracelet and make it your own design by adding beads over time.

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Hope & New Beginnings

As the new year begins, a Magic Bean starts to sprout...

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Wrap yourself in protection and let it be a reminder to take care of yourself...

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Music & Theatre

Sometimes it is just one little note that can make your heart vibrate…

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