Foxtail Necklaces


    Wear our signature Foxtail chain as a necklace.

    Our Sterling silver necklace has been masterfully handcrafted into Trollbeads' signature foxtail chain. The Foxtail chain consists of joints that are not soldered together, which makes the chain very flexible.

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    Sterling Silver Necklace
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    The Foxtail necklaces epitomize elegance with intricate design, blending tradition and modernity seamlessly. Crafted from premium materials like sterling silver or gold, these necklaces feature the signature foxtail chain—a hallmark of Trollbeads' craftsmanship—used in designs for both necklaces and bracelets.

    Choose a lenght that suits your style. You can change the way the necklace looks, as the versatility and flexibility of the Trollbeads necklaces allows for great creative posibilities, whether adorned with Trollbeads’ charming beads or worn alone, singular or with a layered effect, and the chain can even be braided. Elevate any ensemble effortlessly.

    Beyond their aesthetic appeal, these necklaces serve as a canvas for storytelling, with each bead symbolizing cherished memories or aspirations. As you curate your collection over time, the necklace evolves into a chronicle of your life's journey, gaining sentimental value.

    Discover meaningful connections, one bead at a time, express your unique narrative and celebrate your personal style.

    Multiple foxtail necklaces showing the different lengts