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Shop Trollbeads jewellery by material. Do you want to find all the jewellery with gemstones or pearls? Find beads, necklaces, clasps, earring pendants and ready to wear jewellery with gemstones or pearls. View all our gold or silver jewellery and more.

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If you have a passion for a specific material, Trollbeads has you covered. Explore our collections to find all your favourite jewellery crafted from the finest materials. Whether you adore the timeless beauty of Silver Jewellery or the luxurious allure of Gold Jewellery, our selections offer everything from beads and clasps to earrings, pendants, and necklaces.

Shop by material to find the perfect pieces that match your favourite styles. Click on each category to explore our featured collections and discover the stunning variety Trollbeads has to offer.

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Discover how we work with the materials, and have a look behind the scenes of jewellery making.