Foxtail bracelets

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Choose a bracelet size, play with the design by adding different beads until you have the look you desire, and add a clasp to secure the beads.

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    Sterling Silver Bracelet
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    Sterling Silver Bracelet with Basic Lock
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    Classic Foxtail Bracelet
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    Iconic danish design: Our signature Foxtail chain

    Renowned as an iconic treasure of Danish craftsmanship, the Foxtail bracelet embodies sophistication and versatility like no other.

    Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, the Foxtail chain features joints that are delicately interwoven, creating a remarkably flexible and fluid design. This unique construction allows the bracelet to drape effortlessly around your wrist, offering both comfort and style in equal measure, and is available as a bracelets and necklaces in Sterling silver and 14k gold.

    What sets our Foxtail bracelets apart is the innovative design, which allows for endless personalization. With changeable clasps, you have the freedom to redesign your bracelet every day, reflecting your mood, style, and personality with ease. Whether you prefer a sleek and minimalistic look or a bold and eclectic statement, the Foxtail bracelet adapts effortlessly to your individual taste.

    signature Foxtail chain  with beads and a clasp