Trollbeads Bead Stringer
Trollbeads Bead Stringer

Trollbeads Bead Stringer

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The Bead Stringer will help you design your personal bracelet. It is a fun tool for every Trollbeads fan. It has a magnifying glass on one end to help you discover all of the unique details in your beads. On the other end it has a small hook.

1. Slide the beads on the Bead Stringer in the order you would like it to appear on your bracelet or necklace. Have fun and play around with different combinations and styles 

2. Attach the hook to your foxtail bracelet or necklace and slide the beads on to the chain

3. Voila! You can now wear your chain with your personal combination of beads

The Bead Stringer can also be used when creating necklaces. Your jewellery is precious. Handle with care.  

Each case includes one Bead Stringer.

  • Item number: TNOBX-00014
  • Main material: Steel


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