Caring for your gold and gold plated jewelry

Care for gold and gold plated jewelry

For thousands of years it has been the ultimate symbol of power, wealth, and divinity.

Gold beads from Trollbeads are made from 18K gold – the perfect balance of purity and strength. Hundreds of beautiful jewelry designs are waiting for you to mix & match.

Wash your gold jewelry in mild soap and rinse well with water. Dry thoroughly and polish with a soft cloth.

Note: Stay away from jewelry cleaners and antibacterial soaps which might make your gold- plated jewelry tarnish more quickly. Anything plated will eventually tarnish with time and wear. Store your jewelry separately in small cloth bags, or even better in acid-free, airtight plastic bags or boxes. This will help you to avoid, as far as possible, unnecessary scratches and too rapid oxidation.

Remember that all Trollbeads silver jewelry can be custom ordered in gold.

If you are interested in this service, please contact our customer service.