Gabriele Weber-Vögele
Gabriele Weber-Vögele

    Gabriele Weber-Vögele started as a Goldsmith in 1982. She lives and works in Germany where she opened her own store as a jeweler and Goldsmith in 1992 after finishing her Masters degree.

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    "I love to create special pieces that show how unique and incomparable each person is. I often use details that symbolize special moments in their life. In 2006 I started selling Trollbeads myself and it still fascinates me how many people relate their beads to specific parts of their life".

    "Now living here on the island of Sylt, I am very inspired by the surrounding nature. The Lighthouse bead is of course inspired by this, but also by the Trollbeads-spirit, where you transform a piece of silver into feelings and dreams and humour".


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